About DC-3 N143D


This classic original Douglas DC-3 was built in Santa Monica, California as construction number 2054.  It was built and test flown, then disassembled for shipping where it was shipped by boat to Switzerland and helped start the airline Swiss Air.  It flew there as HB-IRO for many years.  Today, the jack pad on the underside of right wing still holds the original HB-IRO stamp and jack pad that was placed on it 75 years ago!  Returning to America, this DC-3 was bought by Ozark Air lines and operated as both a passenger and a freighter until 1971.  While in the Ozark fleet, it was the primary training and check ride DC-3 for the company as there were no simulators in that day. 

More than 2,300 pilots have received their DC-3 type ratings in this very plane!  After 1971 the plane was bought by an Atlanta based freight company and used for night freight.  She has more than 57,000 hours on this original airframe, and another 57,000 to go before she will be worn out!  Flying today as N143D, this aircraft is owned and operated by Gryder Networks, LLC of Griffin Georgia where it used as a training aircraft, having issued more than 240 pilot type ratings in the last 12 years under this training program.  The airplane is sponsored by Herpa Miniature models based in Germany, and is often used at air shows for the promotion of the Herpa line of very high quality die cast aircraft models. 

Owner Dan Gryder operates his aviation training and consulting business in the DC-3 market place where he completes ATP certificates, DC-3 ferry, reposition flights, pre-purchase inspections, maintenance consulting, and provides a unique parts network specific to the DC-3 for other owners that also own DC-3 and C-47 aircraft.